Designing is Fun

Redesigning a Bigelow Tea Package is an interesting project. I chose Raspberry Royale first. I wanted a scene with raspberries flowing across the front. I had some required items, such as ingredients, quantity in the box, the Bigelow Tea brand logo, and a bar code, but other than that I was free to use my creativity to design the rest of the packaging as I chose. I recolored the entire box a light magenta/pink and started placing the elements necessary, and what I wanted. This was my first result:

This is what my package looks like before the box is folded and glued.

Published by Karen Van Benschoten

I'm an avid photographer, and I'm currently working on an AAS in Graphic Design at Gateway Technical College. I share my home with my four-footed, furry white cat Kamala. She lets me stay there as long as I pay the rent.

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